The Australian Medical Aid Foundation Ltd (AMAF) is a registered voluntary not for profit charitable organisation and a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID). The AMAF is a collective that includes medical and non-medical volunteers who share a vision of restoring and providing basic health care for those in need. Our major focus has been on North East Sri Lanka, a country ravaged by three decades of war, economic deprivation and natural disasters like the 2004 Tsunami, recurrent droughts and floods.

Historically, this collective was born in 1996 to help those civilians caught in the ravages of the civil war. It was formally inaugurated in Sydney, Australia on the 10th of March 2001. The main task of the Foundation was to evaluate and intervene in the deteriorating health care crisis in the North East of Sri Lanka. The armed conflict had led to a significant deterioration in the provision of health services, impacting at all levels from primary to tertiary care. We strived to rebuild the health infrastructure of the region and maintain services by a multi-faceted approach. The experience garnered in providing relief and health services served the Foundation well during the Tsunami disaster of 2004. The Foundation discovered itself to be in an ideal position to mobilise resources, provide relief aid and restore health services rapidly after the Tsunami devastated the coastal regions of Sri Lanka.

Since the armed campaign ended in May 2009, our efforts have focussed on the rebuilding of medical infrastructure that would benefit the region in the long term. Working within the broader definition of Health as defined by the WHO we have carried out projects that encompass nutrition, physical, psychological and social wellbeing and rehabilitation.

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Our Mission

The establishment of an excellent and sustainable healthcare system, especially in North East Sri Lanka, by advancing the clinical, research, infrastructure and educational aspects of medical and allied health services.

Our Vision

To provide medical care, rebuild healthcare infrastructure, external support, generate financial aid and develop local expertise while fostering strong links with similar institutions at national and international levels towards achieving our vision.

Join Us In Our Journey

Participate in our journey and help us continue creating a better tomorrow for communities less fortunate than us.

Board of Directors

Name Designation Phone
Dr. Pon Ketheswaran Consultant Radiologist Director (NSW) / Chairman 0433 088 725
Mr Siva Sivakumaran Certified Practicing Accountant Director (VIC) /National Treasurer 0402 683 160
Dr Vairamuttu Manomohan Consultant Cardiologist Director (NSW) / President (NSW)
Dr Raj Pathmaraj Consultant Ophthalmologist Director/President (VIC) 0410 407 881
Dr Janani Thillainadesan Consultant Geriatrician Director (NSW)
Mr. Anton Selvakumaran Manager, Clinical Engineering Director (VIC)
Mr Jey Jeyasothy Certified Practicing Accountant Director (NSW)/Treasurer (NSW)
Dr Chitra Harinesan General Practitioner Director (NSW)
Dr Sathi Seevanayagam Consultant Anaesthetist Director (VIC)

Our Partners

Australian Medical Aid Foundation began operating in 2001, raising funds for medical and health projects in the North and East of Sri Lanka. We deliver our medical projects primarily through partners, Rotary Club International, Sivan Arul Illam and Kilinochi Education Development Trust (KEDT). KEDT is based in the northern Sri Lanka. We also deliver local activities in partnership with Government authorities, local community groups and service providers.


Rotary Club of The Hills - Kellyville Inc

Rotary Club of The Hills – Kellyville Inc in Rotary International District 9685 is part of Rotary International.  The club with its 16 members carries out service projects locally, nationally and Globally through their fundraising activities, grants from state and federal governments along with The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.

More Information: Rtn. John Collignon E: john.collignon@rheem.com.au

Kilinochi Education Development Trust (KEDT)

KEDT is a NGO in the Northern province of Sri Lanka, that carry out Educational, Medical and humanitarian projects in the Vanni region. It is registered trust in Sri Lanka and carried out many projects so far. With AMAF, KEDT runs school dental project in the Mullaithevu, Kilinochi and Muthur districts of Sri Lanka. AMAF often carried out several other medical projects and emergency projects during outbreak of dengue and COVID 19. KEDT is one of the most trusted partner and root organisation in the Vanni region of Sri Lanka.


Sivan Arul Illam

Sivan Arul Illam (SAI) Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation registered in Australia and the United Kingdom to improve the lives of underprivileged children and adults in north-East and Upcountry Sri Lanka.
SAI implements many projects in the North and East of Sri Lanka. SAI carried out several projects, which were funded by AMAF, such as sponsorship program for paraplegics and quadriplegics, Dry ration program during the COVID 19 outbreak in Sri Lanka.


AMAF carried out NSW Health’s Breast cancer, cervical cancer awareness programs in Sydney as Pink Saree project. AMAF was in close contact with NSW health to provide official information to our community during the COVID 19 Outbreak.


Northern Provincial Council (NPC)

More than 50% of AMAF’s projects are implemented in the public hospital Northern Province of Sri Lanka. In order to run and implement the projects, AMAF work closely with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health of NPC. The Psychosocial project was very successful project which established 

‘Mahilaham’ centres (happy place) in 25 schools in the Northern Province with the partnership of the ministry of Education of the NPC. AMAF supplied 50 android tablets to perform data collection of the population in the war torn, Vanni region and then all over the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

Get In Touch

Postal Address:
33 Llandilo Avenue, Strathfield, NSW 2135

Phone: 1300 990 828

Australian Medical Aid Foundation Ltd

ABN: 91 130 857 715

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